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The Joys of the Bible Story Bag

Today, I went with my Bible Story Bag to our local school and told the 3-4 year olds the story of the Fall of Man.

The bag was filled with Duplo men, bricks and animals. I had cut different kinds of fruit into pieces for the children to taste and an apple to be the fruit from the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

The children were first helping Adam to give all the animals names, we made the animals sounds together and even talked about how an angry dog sounded different from a happy dog. Then we talked of the joys of the Garden of Eden - no death, no pain, no danger, no tears, lots of fruit to eat (the children were tasting the different fruit at this time) and best of all their friendship with God who loved them and how he came every evening and talked with Adam and Eve.

Then the big snake came out of the bag, the enemy of God that is a trickster and a liar. While he was trying to tempt Eve, we talked about rules, how they are there to protect us and keep us safe. The kids tried again and again to warn Eve, by waving their hands and saying: "No, no, no don't eat the fruit from the tree in the middle of the garden." Eve couldn't resist, she believed the snake's lie and took a big bite of the apple (I took a bite) and she gave some to Adam as well (I took another bit). Then we talked about doing wrong, breaking God's rule and I explained that this is what the Bible calls sin. That it makes us sometimes hide and blame others like Adam and Eve and that God has to punish sin.

I ended the story with telling of the consequence of Adam and Eve's sin, the pains of child birth, hard labour and being sent out of the Garden of Eden and Death, but reassured them about God's great love to us all and his plan for a Saviour that was born by a women, who would save us from sin, death and even the Trickster God's enemy the Devil.

When I put all the things back in the bag, a boy grabbed the apple and quickly ate it - the temptation was real or was it just a really lovely and juicy apple?