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A Dane in Wales

A few weeks back, I was asked what is a Dane doing in Wales? The short answer is that I was brave enough to marry a Welsh man. The longer answer is that I have had close Christian friends in Ynyshire in Rhondda and visited Wales since 1998. I have always been taken by the mountains, the coastline in South Wales, the passionate Welsh people and the story about the Welsh Revival.

Therefore when I met my husband and found out that he was the one to marry, it was not frightening, but almost a natural step to take. We began our married life in Denmark and after three years there plus four years in Plymouth where my husband pastored a church, we finally ended up in Port Talbot, South Wales two years ago.

I must say, that Wales has welcomed us wonderfully and our whole family feel very at home. My husband is now an associate pastor in our local church and a football coach in the local football club, I am helping teach at the local toddler group and Kids Club and have just been asked to teach the 3-4 year olds in the local school once a month. We are very grateful to be in this exciting place, where the local church can have a great impact on their community. My prayer is that I will be able to inspire and help more local churches to reach out to the childr

A Dane in Wales

en in their communities.