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My Favourite Three LEGO Quiz Ideas

A QUIZ is a wonderful activity, when you do outreaches, Children’s Club or Children’s Church. It keeps the children active after a time of listening to the Biblical teaching and it helps you to have some insight into the teaching's impact on the children.

1. Make two fair teams. It is always easy to do boys against girls, but it is not always fair.

2. Make 10-12 questions that will help you to see if the children got the facts right from your teaching, both if they understood the Biblical concepts and the application.

3. Explain the rules.

4. You are still teaching during the quiz and this is your chance to correct wrong understanding in a kind manner and add more needed teaching. But please don’t overdo it, it is not teaching a new Bible lesson, just adding a few helpful lines during the quiz time.

5. Have a fun point system to find a winner.

Here are my favourite three LEGO point systems.

1. Build a LEGO DUPLO ring toss game, please follow the instructions

using this link:

When the children answer a question correctly, give them three to five rings and see how many they get on target and this is their team’s points. Remember to have a line made of masking tape on the floor (maybe different for different ages) to mark where they have to toss from.

Another idea is to mark the different towers with points (sometimes higher points like 50, 100 and 500 are more fun than 5, 10 and 50) and then you can add these points together to find a winner.

2. Roll the Dice and Build a Tower

Give the two teams each a big LEGO Duplo plate and have a bag full of the same kind of Duplo bricks.

When the children answer a question let them roll a dice. They now have to build a tower with the amount of bricks the dice tells them they have.

If they roll

1 - take one brick from the bag

2 - take two bricks from the bag

3 - take two bricks from the other team’s tower. If the other team don’t have two bricks, then take them from the bag.

4 - take four bricks from the bag

5 - take five bricks from the bag

6 - give two bricks from your team’s tower to the other team. If your team doesn't have two bricks, then take them from the bag.

The winner is the team with the highest tower at the end of the game.

3. Pick the Right Coloured Brick

Have a bag with three different coloured Duplo bricks, for example 20 blue bricks, 8 yellow bricks and 6 red bricks.

If the child answer the question correctly, he may draw a brick from the bag.

If it is a yellow brick - he may draw one more from the bag.

If it is a red brick - he may take one of the other team’s bricks, (If it is the first question, he may take another brick from the bag, but only one) and his turn is finished.

If it is a blue - he may keep it and it is the other team's turn.

The team with the longest built stick in the end of the game wins.