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Excited About the New Year!

Shortly after my last newsletter was published, I had more people and a church, committing to support me monthly and, therefore, it was with great joy and gratefulness that I could increase my hours to 20 hours a week from November. This means a lot to me and it fills me with great expectations as to what God has for CEF South Wales in 2018.

The extra four hours a week have made it possible for me to set up a webpage with a blog where I can write about my experiences with teaching the children God’s word. I have called the blog Connect Children and you can find it using the following link:

Continually, I have colleagues from CEF from different countries in Europe contacting me regarding our Building Events with LEGO and Biblezone and now with the blog up running, I can direct them to it for ideas and help to do Building Events. Read more about Building Events here.

Furthermore, I have been invited to share about the Building Events and generally about CEF of Britain at a workers’ conference for CEF of Ireland at Easter 2018. I am so grateful for this opportunity.

Teaching at Blaenbaglan Primary.

In September, I was asked to teach Bible stories in our youngest son’s class. A parent, who had seen me teach at our church’s play group, had recommended me to the teacher. I am now teaching once a month and it is an absolute joy. Normally, I begin with a little song, then, I teach the children the Bible story with the help of objects from my story bag and finally, we sing another song.

This December, I am going twice to teach the Christmas Story at the school and my husband Simon is coming along and helping with doing the puppet show. The first time, it is teaching the children in the class and the second time, it is teaching the children at a special event with their parents.

Our family.

Simon and I feel we are in a very dynamic and exciting place in our lives. Simon is the pastor in our local church and a football coach at our local football club. I am teaching in our church’s Sunday school, kids’ club and play group and now at our boys’ school. Therefore, the family and children we meet at our kids’ club are often the same we meet on the school runs, football training and at church. We are thanking God for bringing us to this place and we are waiting in expectation to see what He is going to do.

Our boys – our gold.

Samuel is seventeen and is busy with his apprenticeship as a plumber, his girlfriend and his football. His younger brothers simply adore him.

Isaac is eight, loves writing in his journal and reading books. He is doing really well with his football and has just started to play for Cardiff.

Aaron is six and is the family’s funny man and can make all of us laugh and sometimes drive us crazy. He is just a delight and is very well behaved and well liked at school and enjoys playing football and swimming.

Josiah is three and is a little clever one. He loves that mummy, and sometimes daddy, come into his class to teach Bible stories. He also knows how to kick a ball and enjoys his swimming lessons.

We have just had our annual review regarding our fostering and the lady who did the review started by saying that she has “never seen such a good and positive rapport between a caseworker and family before, and she has seen many”. We are still very grateful for our new role as foster carers and also that we have been able to do a good job. Right now, we have a thirteen year old girl staying with us and she is just lovely and the boys adore her.

I want to wish you and yours a joyful Christmas and a blessed New Year! Thank you for all your prayers and following my ministry amongst the children in South Wales