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My Two favourite Christmas songs 2017

Christmas is just around the corner and Christmas is a great opportunity to share the wonderful and true meaning of Christmas with the children in our communities.

This Christmas I have been asked to tell the Christmas Story twice in my sons’ school, first with the 3-4 year olds and then at a Christmas Jumper session for parents. So, why not sing some good Christian Christmas songs with the children?

Singing and music are a big and natural part of the children’s everyday life and it speaks to a child’s whole being - intellect, heart and will. Furthermore, it gives children the opportunity to take part actively, especially before and after we teach the true meaning of Christmas.

If your Christmas outreach is in a church setting or community centre, why not use some of the wonderful Christmas Carols the children already know from school? In this way, the children meet something familiar and they might even link your teaching to something they already know. When you sing the song with the children, just spend a little time explaining some Biblical truth that comes naturally from the song.

In my blog from the 17th November 2017, I give some ideas for a Christmas Outreach, please use the following link to see more

I suggested using the song “Away in a Manager.”

How do I choose a good Christmas song? Ask yourself if the song is Biblically/theologically accurate, and if it is easy to sing and easy for the children to understand. Finally, is it a catchy tune and happy song?

Here are my two favourite Christmas songs in 2017, please use the links below:

“The Best Present Ever” by Little Praise Party, Yancy

“It’s Christmastime” by Little Praise Party, Yancy

You can even search Youtube for actions for the two songs.

Before you start, get to know the song by heart and, if there are actions, learn them as well.

I once tried to learn to play the guitar in my early thirties, but I just couldn’t do it. Therefore, I have the words on Power Points or big pieces of card and use my singing voice. Often I use songs from YouTube that have the words, music, actions and singing, and then the children and I sing along.