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Mister Noah and Lots of Interaction

Mr and Mrs Noah

Today, I went into my son’s nursery class with my story bag that contained:

  • eight Duplo men - four girls and four boys

  • Duplo animals in pairs

  • a puppet bird and a leaf

  • a rainbow.

We started by singing a song my clever colleague from Child Evangelism Fellowship recommends in her blog “Let Their Light Shine” in her post Bible Storytelling to 2-3 year olds some tips, please press here to read more.

The song goes like this:

‘Hello friends, Hello friends.

How are you? How are you?

It’s time for a story, Time for a story.

Come and listen. Come and listen.’

To the tune ‘Frere Jacques.’

Then I picked up two of the Duplo men (a boy and a girl) and asked the children to say hello to Mr Noah and Mrs Noah. The Duplo men of course replied: Hello children.

I started telling the story and when God asked Noah to build the Ark, the children and I started to make actions and sounds for hammering and sawing. To engage all of the children, I asked if any of them had some better sounds than me and all wanted to take part and show me their best sounds.

Noah’s family were helping because the Ark was a big boat and I brought out the rest of the Duplo men and we counted the number of people in Mr Noah’s family.

While telling about the people’s mockery of Mister Noah, we were pointing at our heads when the people said: “Building an Ark here is crazy, where is the water?” But it was really sad for the people, that they couldn’t see that the Ark was God’s plan to rescue them. It took 120 years for Mr. Noah and his family to build the Ark, but the people just didn’t care about God and his way. They just wanted to continue doing wrong things.

The animals went in two by two. Noah's Ark and the rainbow

Then the animals came out of the bag one by one. First the children gave me the name of the animal and if they could the sound as well. I asked the question; “ How many animals of each kind?” And they answered; “Two, a mummy and a daddy.”

God himself closed the door and we again had a count of the people who were safe in the Ark. Then the water came and we were making water sounds, first slow rain and then fast rain and actions with our hands that fitted the pace.

Mister Noah, Dove and leaf

The rain stopped and Noah sent out a raven, it was such a strong bird that it kept on flying over the water and together we were making flapping actions with our arms. Then Noah sent out a dove. Here my pink bird puppet came out of the bag and flew over the water, but it returned quickly to the Ark. The next time the dove was sent out, it came back with a leaf and the third time it didn’t come back again. The water had gone.

Mister Noah's family and the Rainbow

When finally they could leave the Ark, Mr Noah and his family thanked God and God sent a rainbow, (which came out of the bag) and God told them he loved them and gave them, and us, his great promise; never to destroy the earth again with a flood. I asked the children to name the different colours in the rainbow.

I loved my time with the 22 nursery children and they were all able to enjoy and interact with the story!