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Jonah and the Whale in LEGO!

Once in a while, we do a LEGO day at our kids’ club and change our normal one and a half hour programme to building LEGO.

Here is a programme from last Monday.

When the kids came into our hall, we had two tables put together with normal bricks, plates and the word ‘fish’ built in bricks. We had six small tables put together with Duplo bricks for the youngest kids in our club. I had made a PowerPoint presentation with pictures of different types of fish, whales and an under the sea world built in LEGO, which I had found on Google images. The presentation was running on a loop on the television.

The tables with LEGO ready for building

“Today’s Challenge” was to build fish, whales and/or an under the sea world. The kids went straight to the tables and 35 minutes later, when I said: “Stop building!” they were refusing and complaining a little! LEGO is fantastic for keeping the kids occupied and the only problem we have is that we don’t have time enough.

The story of Jonah

In the end, we managed to gather the children for 30 minutes of good Bible based teaching. It was all about Jonah, obeying God and our confession of sin. The fish was looked at as a symbol of God’s love and grace and his wish for his children to succeed even when they want to do their own thing.

We started with two songs.

Then the story of Jonah and a quiz. You can find a way to teach the story of Jonah and questions for the quiz in Child Evangelism Fellowship series called “Little kids can know God through prayer” by using the following link:

The series is made for pre-schoolers, the text is free, available for all and with a few adjustment you can use it for older kids as well.

The quiz: I made 12 different fish in different coloured card. On the back I wrote the points 50, 200, 250, 300 and 500. I divided the kids into two teams and when a team answered correctly, they could pick a fish and see how many points they had won for their team. The team with the most points won.

A song

The Bible verse we are doing in our club right now is Jeremiah 29, 11, so I kept teaching this verse, and felt it fitted well with the story. You could also use a verse like Jonah 2, 2b: “I cried out to the Lord in my great trouble, and he answered me.”

We ended this session with a prayer and returned to the building.

We used the last 25 minutes for some final LEGO building. The youngest kids played with their Duplo creations and Duplo men, we took photos of the kids with their creations and made a display with the creations on one of the tables for the parents to see when they picked the kids up from club.

The kids in our club are used to building LEGO and have done it since September 2017, so a little over five months now. They know what “Today’s Challenge” is and they get started after very few instructions. Some of the kids use the photos on the PowerPoints presentation, some of them use their imagination and experience with LEGO (a boy built a submarine) and some of them tried to copy my creation to write fish with LEGO.

A whale
Two fish

Kids writing the word fish

No matter what, we have found out that it is important that the grown-ups and young helpers are spread out between the children at the tables to engage with them, give them ideas for the building, help find the right coloured bricks and just encourage them.

A submarine

It is just a great time to connect with the kids and get to know them and their family better.