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Daniel and the Lions in LEGO!

Here is a one and a half hour long programme for kids’ club about the story of Daniel in the Lions’ Den including building with LEGO. I have done this in our kids’ club and we all had a great time.

When the kids came into our hall, we had two tables put together with normal bricks, plates and the words LION and ANGEL built in bricks. We also had six small tables put together with Duplo bricks for the youngest in our club. I had made a PowerPoint presentation with pictures of different types of lions and angels built in LEGO, which I had found on Google images. The presentation was running on a loop on the television.

I have learnt now, that it is a good idea to print some of these images out and laminate them and have these available on the tables. When we did this programme in our club, some of the leaders had to take photos with their phones of the Power Point and then the kids used these as instructions. Therefore in future Hanne, make a Power Point and print some of the images out as well, some of the kids just need this extra help!

I introduced the kids to “Today’s Challenge,” which was to build lions and angels and I promised the kids a prize for the best build. The kids went straight to the tables and started to build, some of them built in small groups and other made their own creations. We made a display of what they built on some small tables.

The story of Daniel and the Lions’ Den.

After 35 minutes we gathered the children for a 35 minutes Bible based teaching. It was all about Daniel, being brave and God’s power to protect his children.

We started with two songs.

Then we had the story of Daniel and the Lions’ Den and a quiz. You can find a way to teach the story of Daniel and a quiz in Child Evangelism Fellowship series called “Daniel – strong in the Lord” by using the following link:

The text is free and available to everyone.

If you would like pictures for the lesson, you can buy them online using this link:

The quiz: Make a big Lion’s head and attach orange and yellow strings in different lengths - one string for each question. Attach the strings to the back of the lion’s head and let only the same length of each string be seen at the front. When a team answers correctly, they pull a string from the lion’s head and tie it to the other strings the team won. In the end the team with the longest string win.

A song

The Bible verse: I would recommend using Deuteronomy 31, 6: “So be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid and do not panic before them. For the Lord your God will personally go ahead of you. He will neither fail you nor abandon you.” It is a long verse, so maybe teach it for two or three weeks in a row.

We ended this session with a prayer and returned to the building.

We used the last 20 minutes for some final LEGO building and taking photos of the kids with their creations and found a winner for today’s challenge.