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A Quick Easter Story for the Story Bag

Easter, cross, crown of thrones and stone

Today I went to my son’s nursery class with my story bag which contained:

  • Bible

  • Bunny teddy

  • Chocolate Easter Egg

  • 30 silver pieces

  • A black and white heart

  • Wreath

  • Cross

  • Heart teddy

  • Stone

We started by singing a song my clever colleague from Child Evangelism Fellowship recommends in her blog “Let Their Light Shine” in her post ‘Bible Storytelling to 2-3 year olds some tips’, please press here to read more.

‘Hello friends, Hello friends.

How are you? How are you?

It’s time for a story, Time for a story.

Come and listen. Come and listen.’

(To the tune Frère Jacques.)

I began the story by asking the children if they could remember which special book my stories come from when I use this bag. I pointed to my story bag and they replied: “The Bible!” I showed the children my Bible.

Then I asked the children, if they knew what holiday was coming up soon? The 21 three to four years old found the question a bit hard, but when I showed them the Easter egg and the bunny they could all say either Easter or Easter egg. We had a little chat about Easter egg hunts and chocolate eggs; I asked a few of them how many eggs they normally have?

Easter egg and bunny

I took the Bible and said that Easter is much more then bunnies and eggs and that the Bible tells us it is all about a special person, who was born at Christmas. I asked the children if they could remember who was born at Christmas and who we celebrate at Christmas - they shouted: “Jesus!” I asked the children, who was the mother of Jesus and they said: “Mary.” When I asked, who was Jesus’ father? They answered: “Joseph.” I explained that Joseph was more like a stepdad and if they could remember from Christmas that it was God himself who put baby Jesus into Mary’s belly. I pointed upwards and then put my hands on my belly. Jesus was the Son of God.

Because he was the Son of God, he could do miracles and he never did anything wrong. Wherever he went he only did good things. On my story bag I have a clean (white) heart and a black heart and I pointed to the clean heart and said Jesus always did what was right.

People got jealous, they didn’t like that he called himself the Son of God and wanted to stop him. One of Jesus’ friends betrayed him, and told these people where Jesus was for how many silver pieces? We counted the 30 silver pieces together.

They caught him, put a crown of thorns (the wreath) on his head and mocked him and said, “So you are the Son of God and want to be our king?” I showed them the cross and said, “They put him on a cross like a criminal, but did Jesus do anything wrong? No!” I pointed again at the clean heart. “He knew that he was different to us, sometimes we do wrong things and I pointed at the black heart. I gave some examples of sins.”

Heart teddy

I showed the heart teddy. “Jesus loved us so much that He was willing to suffer all of this for us. On the cross he took the punishment for the sins of the world.” I showed them the cross. “He died and was put in a grave and a big stone closed the grave.” I showed them the stone. “On the third day, some ladies came to the grave and the stone was rolled away.” I moved the stone around. “Jesus was not in the grave, where do you think he was? He had come alive again and by dying (the cross) and coming alive again (the stone) Jesus made a way for our sins to be forgiven. So, those who believe in him can go to Heaven.” We then had a little chat about Heaven.

The teacher asked the children, why we celebrate Easter and a girl quickly replied: Easter egg hunt, so much for my great teaching:). But then she made them draw a cross with their fingers in the air a few times and said, remember that we celebrate Jesus dying on the cross and coming alive again at Easter.