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Three Fun Activities with LEGO

Here are three fun activities with LEGO for children from the age 4 and upwards, which are great if you are doing a Building Event with LEGO.

Kim’s game in LEGO

Kim’s game is an old memory game and is a great activity to have when children begin to arrive at your event and there is a hold up because of the registration.

You will need a LEGO plate, a tea towel, about 14 - 18 different LEGO objects and a timer. The LEGO objects could, for example, be a torch, a canoe, a shark, a cone, a flame, a flag, a piano, a window, a door, a train, a tree, a treasure chest, a cup, a chain, a barrel, some flowers and few different well-known character mini figures etc.

The collection of objects must be able to fit together on the LEGO plate and be hidden under a tea towel.

Ask the children to come one at a time or in pairs and stand by the plate and tell them that they will have 30 seconds or 1 minute to remember as many items as they can. The time they get depends on the ages of the children, for the children under 6 years - it might be a minute and for the 7 years and over - it might be 30 seconds.

When the time is up and you cover the things again, they have to tell you the objects they can remember, while you tick them off on a check list.

Here is a picture of my LEGO plate with different LEGO objects, which I have used before.

Find out who has the best memory by seeing which child/ pair have remembered the largest number of LEGO objects and maybe have a prize for the winners.

Guess How Many

“Guess How Many” is a super easy and well-known party game. It is another great activity when the children start to arrive at your event and there is a normal waiting time because of registration.

Fill a glass jar with LEGO pieces, which you have counted and ask all children to have a guess at how many LEGO pieces there are in the jar. It might be a good idea to give the children a range of numbers, especially if you have a high number of LEGO pieces in your jar. For example: You have 474 pieces in the jar, then tell the children they have to guess a number between 300 and 600.

Find out who’s guess was the nearest the amount of LEGO in your jar and maybe have a prize for the winner.

LEGO Superhero Cards

If you do a Building Event with LEGO, it always is good to have an extra activity which is not building LEGO, for the children who don’t enjoy the building or for the children to have a little break from the plastic blocks. These cards are just brilliant and great to have as an extra activity.

You will need card in bright LEGO colours, photocopies of the LEGO superheroes, scissors, glue sticks and round stickers in bright LEGO colours as well.

I have found different free colouring pages on Pinterest of the LEGO superheroes mini figures and made them smaller and pasted them onto A4 sheets.

I photocopied them, cut them out, glued them on coloured card and cut them out again, now with a frame of the coloured card around them. If your event is for older children and there is time for it, they might be able to do this part of the cards themselves.

Cut out LEGO bricks out of cards in different sizes: 2X2 squares; 2X3 rectangles and 2X4 rectangles. The children can then stick the round stickers on the bricks of card and make them into LEGO bricks.

Make cards out of A5 card in bright LEGO colours by folding them once in the middle.

Make the cards, the superheroes, the bricks of card, round stickers, glue stickers and pens available for the children for them to make their own the design of a LEGO card.