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Families coming to church!

Families coming to church!

One of my good friends here in South Wales recently told me, that a family had started to come faithfully to church after attending our very first Building Event with LEGO in South Wales in March 2016. The family had brought their children to toddler groups and kids’ club at church before, but after the Building Event, where the whole family joined in, they decided to start going to church faithfully on a Sunday morning.

I have just returned from a wonderful two day Easter Club with LEGO in Cornwall. A non-Christian family decided after signing up for the Easter Club to join the church's Easter morning service as well. So when they came to the two day club, the family already new the volunteers and the church building. After the club, where we shared the Easter Story and the importance of Jesus death and resurrection, the family asked the church about Sunday school because they wanted to start coming on Sunday mornings as well.

Isn’t this exciting? In Child Evangelism Fellowship we have a threefold purpose. We want the children to trust the Lord Jesus as their Savior, grow in their newfound faith and find a church fellowship where they can start attending. We often find that the last part, of finding a church fellowship for the children, can be tricky for various reasons. Therefore, it is mind-blowing that our Building Events with LEGO are not only an instrument for sharing the wonderful news about Jesus Christ, but also for encouraging families to start going to church. It is wonderful for the families to grow in their faith and have fellowship with other Christians.