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Begin the Race - Paul in LEGO

Once in a while, we do a LEGO day at our kids club especially after having had a holiday club with LEGO. We change our normal 1 and a half hour program around with building LEGO.

Here is a programme from last Monday.


35 minutes building LEGO

15 minutes race

35 minutes Bible teaching

5 minutes playing, taking photos and making a display of their creations.

When the kids came into our hall, we had two round tables with normal bricks, wheels and car parts, A5 paper, pencils and sticky tape. On the first table were the words SAIL CAR built with Duplo bricks.

Also, I always have some small tables with Duplo bricks for the youngest kids in our club. Today’s challenge was more for the older children in our club and so it was great that the younger ones could enjoy building and playing with the Duplo bricks.

Lastly, we had made a track for the car race out of a pedestal fan and made it's height fit with a normal table. In front of the fan we put two tables end to end.

“Today’s Challenge” was to build a sail car. First they had to build a car and then attach a sail made out of a pencil and a piece of A5 paper. They could either attach the sail by building a chimney – like structure and stick the pencil down inside or build some kind of pole which they could attach the pencil to with sticky tape. I had made two examples of cars, to show them how it could be done.

There was time for problem solving. Very quickly we switched the fan on and made sure that all the kids could have a test run before the race and this is where the fun began. I am a former teacher and to see how the children worked hard, sometimes in small teams, to find the problem with their cars and improve their creation was just great. Sometimes I had to help them a little by asking questions, like is there something with your sail, that makes your car slow down? Why wouldn’t your car move, is it something to do with the wheels? Is it something to do with the weight of the car? Are other wheels going to be faster? etc. Most of the kids, 7 years and upwards could do the problem solving themselves by continually testing they cars, looking at the other kids’ cars and changing things.

After 35 minutes of building, testing and improving their cars, we had a race. I let the children have a go each to see which car went the furthest by putting it in front of the fan and letting go on three. The car that went the furthest was the winner.

This took around 10-15 minutes and was a little bit hectic, because the youngest of our primary school children felt it was a little hard to take turns, but it all was great fun! If you have more children, you could have two cars racing at once.

The story of Saul’s conversion

We started with two songs.

It was all about beginning the race and Saul’s conversion. I started with a small introduction by explaining that a man in the Bible compared the Christian life with a race.

The race begins when we start trusting Jesus as our Lord and Saviour and whilst we are on the track doing the race, sometimes it is easy and Jesus is with us and sometimes it is hard. I gave a few examples from kids’ everyday life like messing up at home or school by lying or losing a loved one and explained that Jesus is still with us, forgiving, comforting and helping us.

Then we came to the end of the race and I said, when we get old and die and our race ends, do you know what our prize is? Most of the kids shouted: “Heaven.”

I began the story of Saul’s conversion. You can find a way to teach the story of Saul’s conversion and questions for a quiz in Child Evangelism Fellowship series called “Paul, persecutor and preacher” by using the following link:

It is free and available for all and it’s the first lesson in the series called “Turned around”.

A song

The Bible verse: 2 Corinthians 5:17: Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

The quiz: I made 12 different medals with Heaven written on them. On the back I wrote the points 50, 200, 250, 300 and 500. I divided the kids into two teams and when a team answered correctly, they could pick a medal and see how many points they had won for their team. The team with the most points won.

One of my questions to the kids was: “What did God change more than Saul’s eyesight that day?” One of the kids in our club from a non-church background said: “God changed Saul’s name and heart.” A proud teacher’s moment!

We ended this session with a prayer.

We used the last 5- 10 minutes for the children to play with their cars and the youngest kids played with their Duplo creations and men. We were taking photos of the kids with their creations and made a display with the creations on one of the tables for the parents to see when they picked the kids up from club.

Another fun club with God’s word and LEGO!