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When everything fits beautifully together?

”Come and tell Hanne what you have just done;” a 12 year old girl encouraged a 5 year old girl. “I have asked Jesus to be my friend and Saviour, and the 12 year old helped me to pray”: said the 5 year old girl.

I am teaching the Christmas Story at Baglan Church’s Christmas Party where families from the church’s play group and Kids Club attended in great numbers.

Photo: I am teaching the Christmas Story at Baglan Church’s Christmas Party where families from the church’s play group and Kids Club attended in great numbers.

This episode with the two girls happened a Saturday in March, when I taught a group of children at Cefn Lea Park at three sessions. My main teaching was: Trust in the Lord Jesus to be your Saviuor and tell others about your faith. I used the following three stories: Jesus making Peter a fisher of men, Jesus walking on water and CEF’s missionary story about the boy Madugu from Liberia.

It is not always I am allowed to see the fruit of my teaching, but when it happens it is like everything fits beautifully together. The young girl gave her response to trusting in the Lord Jesus and the older girl shared her faith with the younger girl. Praise God!

A place of safety and care

A few weeks back, little Camilla, who has just started school, (name changed) came and sang our “thank you song” we sing before we eat a meal at our weekly club. It was really important for her to show me, that she knew all the words.

Camilla, her uncle, brother and cousins (all children) started in our club a few months back, but it is Camilla, who is coming faithfully. It seems like this extended family is very busy and we know that the boys have various difficulties at school.

The club is like a refuge for Camilla. When the National Director of CEF of Denmark Dorthe Lykke Jensen came to visit me in February and came to our club, Camilla and her cousin were both sitting really close to her and enjoyed her calm and caring company.

Let us pray that God will call churches and individuals to start new Kids’ Clubs in areas where God’s word is not taught to the children and where children like Camilla can get to know God’s love and meet grown-ups that have time and care for them.

“To teach others also!” Since the autumn of 2018, a total of 29 children’s workers have taken part in four different teacher training events in Baglan. They came from 7 different churches and it has been lovely to be able to teach them and share life, vision, passion and experience with doing children’s ministry together.Paul makes the importance of passing on and teaching others clear in the following verse:

And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.

2 Timothy 2:2

Paul passed his knowledge and faith in Christ on to Timothy and now Timothy is encouraged to do the same to other people, who then have to do the same. In this passage the training is a process that keeps on giving.“Your teaching is really helping me:” A children’s worker told me a few weeks back. She was very grateful for some tips I had shared about how to keep a good atmosphere at her children’s meeting and ideas to deal with different types of children.Two other teachers have inquired about more training with CEF and one church has decided to use CEF material in their children’s ministry. We are very grateful for all God is doing in South Wales right now.

“Running low!”

At the beginning of the year, my account in CEF ran low. I was only able to have my full pay in January and February because a couple generously decided to give £25 more each month and I had some other unexpected and very generous gifts. I am roughly lacking £50 each month for my account to be in balance and for me to be able to stay on my 20 hours a week.

Would you be a part of praying for my finances in CEF of Britain? Please pray for more people and churches, who would support me on a monthly basis. It could be five people or churches, who each give £10 monthly or ten, who each give £5 monthly.

If you would like to be a part of my ministry in CEF by supporting me financially, please contact our lovely Finance and Office Administrator: Primrose Tshawe. phone numbers: 0120 2233286 or email: at our National office in Poole and she will gladly help you with info regarding bank account and gift aid etc.

I have had two different viruses and problems with my lower back. While writing this newsletter, I have had to go to the doctor again with severe pains in my lower back. It seems like my immune system is running low as well.Would you kindly pray for my health as well? Thank you!

A Welsh Dragon built at Grace Church’s family event with LEGO in January where 85 attended.